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Apr. 6th, 2011

Sunshine SparkPeople


Personal Best

HA! I finally got 4 stars on the Perfect 10 - Add to 15! The add to 10 and add to 20 were easy but somehow my brain just doesn't want to think about 15.

Dec. 31st, 2010

Rose Flighty Broad


EA Sports Active 2

Anyone else get this game yet? I got mine as a present for Christmas and finally dug it out and hooked it up last night. I've only played Wii Fit, not any of the more intense workout games, so this was quite an experience!

I created my character, started on the nine week plan for general fitness, and did my first workout. And nearly died. It was great! Unlike the Wii Fit, I wasn't just bumming around menu screens picking workouts I wanted to do. I chose a trainer and he guided the experience. I didn't even need the wiimote for a lot of the activities. There was stretching, cardio, strength training with the resistance bands and body weight, and fun hybrid activities, like basketball and mountain biking, which is my favorite. I don't know if the original EA Sports Active had this, but I'm in love with it. While your character rides a mountain bike on screen, you squat  to accellerate when going downhill, jump when riding over certain ramps to do tricks, and when going uphill, you run in place. It's fun and evil, which is pretty perfect in a workout game, and it broke up the more traditional workouts. Needless to say, I'm SORE. And excited to keep up with this thing.

I've also taken the liberty of setting up a workout group for members of this community who want to work out together. The name of the group is LJActive and the password is wiifit. My boyfriend and I are in the group as of about an hour ago, and we'd love to compete against and keep track of our progress with others from this community. Please join!

Aug. 7th, 2010



EA Sports Active 2

I felt that this deserved its own entry. I've been having trouble finding EA Active: More Workouts and when searching Toys R Us's website came across some interesting news.

Coming November 16, 2010 to Wii, XBox 360, and Playstation 3 is EA Sports Active 2.

From: http://www.ea.com/games/ea-sports-active-2

* Built-in Heart Rate Monitor – Track your heart rate on screen in real-time with the innovative EA SPORTS Active heart rate monitor to capture intensity and optimize performance over time. The heart rate monitor sits comfortably on your left forearm and does not require a chest-strap.
* Wireless Motion Tracking – The EA SPORTS Active 2 Total Body Tracking wireless system uses motion sensors in leg and arm straps along with the Wii® remote to register movement and provide complete freedom of motion.
* Take Your Workout Online – Track your progress on the web via the EA SPORTS Active online global community. EA SPORTS Active 2 tracks your fitness data online via automatic uploads to your online profile and allows you to share your data and connect with other users through workout groups - all while reaching your own personal fitness goals.
* 70+ Exercises and Activities – Create unlimited customizable workouts with over 70 exercises and activities to choose from, including foundational exercises like squats, lunges, and bicep curls and fun fitness activities such as mountain biking, basketball, and boxing.
* Enroll in the 9-Week Program – Designed by certified personal trainers, the EA SPORTS Active 2 9-week program provides total body conditioning using progressive exercise. It provides a fitness roadmap to help keep users motivated and on track of their fitness goals. Additional mini-programs will also be available to add on, keeping workouts fresh and inspiring.
* Built-in Personal Trainer –Your personal trainer will be there by your side every step of the way to guide you, motivate you, and create the most effective custom workouts based on your needs.
* Wii Balance Board Compatible – Add new challenges to your routines with the Wii Balance Board. (Balance Board not included)

This game will use Kinect for XBox 360 and Toys R Us prices it at 99.99USD for all systems.


Ha HA!! I Own You, Basic Run Plus!

So, a little while back, I asked about frustrations and mentioned how I couldn't unlock the long course in Basic Run Plus.

Well, after searching through the internet a bit, I found out that I had completely missed the fact that there were other cats running up at certain points of my run-- I guess I was too busy observing other things. After finally running past my guide and following a new kitty, I unlocked the third and finally unlocked the long course!


I still can't beat Balance Bubble, though. That's the bane of my Wii Fit existence.

Jul. 23rd, 2010

Real Edward



It's a little quiet in here so I thought I'd post a success.

First a little back story.
I've had a Wii Fit since Christmas 2009 but haven't used it. I decided to get back into it a couple of months ago as I badly need to lose some weight. I went out and bought the Wii Fit Plus. I am currently loving the my workout function. I'm finding it so easy to do half an hour every single day now.

However the other day I got a Bronze piggy bank. I am so proud of myself and that was a lovely surprise!

May. 30th, 2010



I wanna get a Wii game that applies fit credits to Wii Fit

I wanna get a Wii game that applies fit credits to Wii Fit. I know that I can arbitrarily enter exercise time into Wii Fit: I'm asking if any Wii games either 1) transfer fit credits data to Wii Fit directly or at least 2) store today's exercise time so I can apply it to Wii Fit myself. The spouse "don't want it if it don't make the pig dance."

May. 5th, 2010



Knee injury, need advice

I have not been able to WiiFit hard in about two weeks now, I fell while buying a new seat for my bicycle and sprained my right knee and left ankle. What luck right? (actually it's pretty in line with the crazy crap that happens to me.)

So, other than gentle Yoga, what workouts on regular WiiFit would you recommend for someone not wanting to strain their knee?

Apr. 28th, 2010




What is the one game on Wii Fit (Plus) that really gets under your skin? I mean, no matter how hard you try, you just cannot do well in it? The one that makes you want to take a hammer to the balance board and tell it to kiss your fat @ss goodbye?

For me, that would be Balance Bubble. I have never reached the end of that course. Never. Out of the 28 times I have tried it, I have gotten near the end twice. Twice! I want to kill whoever made that stupid game.

Runner-up for most annoying is Basic Run Plus because I've run the short course over 10 times now, done pretty darn well, and still can't unlock the long course. I'm convinced it doesn't exist.

Apr. 15th, 2010



Hello all!

I've owned WiiFit for... almost two years now and I'm ashamed to say that I've completed maybe 3 hours of total workout time on it  in that two years (till last week).

Well I was in the store and saw the WiiFit plus and it reminded me of what a scumbag I've been to my Wii. I've been trying to lose weight and have had my balance board in the closet all this time. Well earlier this week I've taken it out and cleaned it up. I've had some fun rediscovering Yoga. I've unlocked Lotus Focus and... 6 minute boxing! OMG I have not sweat like that in years!

Feb. 9th, 2010



30 Day Challenge Question

This is for all the EA Active Users:

I'm going to be away this weekend, from Friday-Monday (though maybe longer depending on what the weather does) and I'm in the middle of my 30 day challenge. If I complete the challenge past the finish date, does it still count (meaning I get the trophy)?

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