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30 Day Challenge Question

This is for all the EA Active Users:

I'm going to be away this weekend, from Friday-Monday (though maybe longer depending on what the weather does) and I'm in the middle of my 30 day challenge. If I complete the challenge past the finish date, does it still count (meaning I get the trophy)?


From what I've seen it doesn't count. Every time I go over the 30days it asks me if I want to start over or not. When I do finish you don't get the trophy, but you can always do it again. Life happens but at least you're doing something!
Ah. I did skip some rest days in an effort to make up for the anticipated missed days, so I might actually still be within the 30 days. I have one exercise left, so I'll let you know what happens tomorrow!

Either way, I'll be proud I stuck with an exercise regimen for more than 7 workouts. :D
I hope you get it! Personally I'm just proud if I get up and do something like that, even if you finish later than the game wanted. So awesome you did it though! I'm starting it again on Tuesday and hope to finish it for once >.< I always get so busy with my daughter that I forget to do it.
So, I did the last workout today and it gave me the trophy. I guess I was in the 30 days after all, and you don't need to follow their calendar exactly, which is really nice.

But, yeah, as a perpetual procrastinator and someone who frequently gives up on exercise, I can totally understand just being happy you got up and did something. ^^
ya im such a bad procrastinator. back in school we use to say we're in the procrastinator club but the meeting is being pushed back to next week.
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