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pnkngrnd3 in wiifit


What is the one game on Wii Fit (Plus) that really gets under your skin? I mean, no matter how hard you try, you just cannot do well in it? The one that makes you want to take a hammer to the balance board and tell it to kiss your fat @ss goodbye?

For me, that would be Balance Bubble. I have never reached the end of that course. Never. Out of the 28 times I have tried it, I have gotten near the end twice. Twice! I want to kill whoever made that stupid game.

Runner-up for most annoying is Basic Run Plus because I've run the short course over 10 times now, done pretty darn well, and still can't unlock the long course. I'm convinced it doesn't exist.


Ive done the balance bubble but I cannot do the snowball fight at all!
Wow, the new Balance Bubble is SO MUCH harder than the original was.

The Run programs don't like how I run. They're always saying I'm not keeping a steady enough pace. So I've pretty much given them up for the bicycle ones.
The stupid soccer ball game! I just can't shift well enough for it.
The marching one. I hate it like burning.
I'm with you on Balance Bubble. I cannot for the love of frak complete the course.


The Hubster would tell you it's Rhythm March (or whatever it's called). He can't seem to coordinate his arms/legs well enough to do even moderately well on it.

I just unlocked the Expert course on Birdie Flying (or whatever the fuck it's called) and I have two observations.
1. DAMN it's hard
2. Fuck my arms are TIRED after doing as much as I can on that thing. Ow ow ow ow.
I fail at the obstacle course game. I fail HARD.
I fail at the ninjas and the balanceboards with the yellow, red and blue balls.

The marching band is my favourite of them all and I don't know why there isn't an expert level for it. :( I did play in a marching band for five years in my teens though so that probably explains my love for it.
I absolutely cannot do the soccer ball game. Fail. Totally fail. I don't think I've ever gotten above 1 star at it. It requires rapid, subtle shifts and I tend to get smacked in the face as I make slow, large shifts.
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