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EA Sports Active 2

Anyone else get this game yet? I got mine as a present for Christmas and finally dug it out and hooked it up last night. I've only played Wii Fit, not any of the more intense workout games, so this was quite an experience!

I created my character, started on the nine week plan for general fitness, and did my first workout. And nearly died. It was great! Unlike the Wii Fit, I wasn't just bumming around menu screens picking workouts I wanted to do. I chose a trainer and he guided the experience. I didn't even need the wiimote for a lot of the activities. There was stretching, cardio, strength training with the resistance bands and body weight, and fun hybrid activities, like basketball and mountain biking, which is my favorite. I don't know if the original EA Sports Active had this, but I'm in love with it. While your character rides a mountain bike on screen, you squat  to accellerate when going downhill, jump when riding over certain ramps to do tricks, and when going uphill, you run in place. It's fun and evil, which is pretty perfect in a workout game, and it broke up the more traditional workouts. Needless to say, I'm SORE. And excited to keep up with this thing.

I've also taken the liberty of setting up a workout group for members of this community who want to work out together. The name of the group is LJActive and the password is wiifit. My boyfriend and I are in the group as of about an hour ago, and we'd love to compete against and keep track of our progress with others from this community. Please join!


I only have the first one. I'm curious how much different the new one is.
Unfortunately I'm no good with that having not owned the first one, but this one's pretty great so far. I love having a semi-accurate and consistent way to track the calories burned (via the heart rate monitor), which is something the other game didn't have, but if you already have a heart rate monitor it might not be worth it. Here's a list of the exercises I found online, if it helps inform your decision at all: http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/236549.page
Wii Fit

April 2011

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