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Jan. 6th, 2010



(no subject)

does anyone else have an issue with the fluctuation of weight and BMI on the wii fit? 

I used the wii fit yesterday and today and even though I am doing Weight Watchers obsessively I managed to gain .5 of a lb and my BMI went up by 1 in a day??  I thought it was strange so I re-tested after 30 minutes of mostly aerobics and it said I had gained an additional 2.5 lbs and my BMI went up again?  I am using it currently on a rug with a yoga mat under it.  Do I need to be using it on the hardwood floor instead?  I want to track my weight loss using the Wii Fit but I have a hard time believing I managed to gain 3 lbs in a day on a restricted diet. 

Dec. 29th, 2009


Finally Switched...

I feel a bit guilty because I know this is a Wii Fit Community but since I keep seeing posts about similar games for the wii, I figured I would share.
I used wii fit for a long time [and have posted here before], and the problem I kept having, was that after ever exercise, you had to PAUSE, then pick a new exercise. It made me a bit lazy because it wasn't continuous. Then wii fit plus came out and I hesitated because I wasn't sure of the difference. I JUST got the EA Active for Xmas which I was stoked about because this game is perfect for someone like me. I'm pretty active as is, so I started on the hardest level. It automatically threw me into the workout and doesn't give me any breaks. I am still SORE! REMEMBER TO STRETCH - a lot! I love this game because it does let you program your work out, but if you give it full control, it doesn't get boring. And with my ADHD, I love randomness hehe. I probably shouldn't have started on hard but I am a few days in on my 30 day challenge so I'll wait and start over after I've completed it!

I do have a question, has anyone tried that new Jenny McCarphy game? It looks a bit boring but I'm up for giving it a shot......

Nov. 30th, 2009



EA Active More Workouts

So, I'm finally going to be buying EA Active and was wondering if anyone has More Workouts yet. From the Toys R Us ad I'm looking at, it seems like More Workouts comes with accessories as well.

So I was wondering to anyone who has it: does it come with accessories? Is More Workouts like Wii Fit Plus, where it's the whole disk but a little bit more? Or, is it more of a companion game with completely new workouts?

Nov. 23rd, 2009




I am a new Wii Fitter. Last month I moved in with a friend who has the game system and two weeks ago I decided to start using it.

The first week I only did 20 minutes a day, mixing it up with balance, aerobics, strength and yoga. I lost 1.3 pounds. The second week I upped my time to 30 minutes a day, still doing a mix of exercises, and lost 3.3 pounds. I've only been doing the body tests on Sundays because I don't think it's good to weigh myself every day.

Anyway, I am excited to find a community of other Wii Fit users!

Nov. 6th, 2009


Wii Fit Questions

I am so pleased I bought the Wii Fit. I've gone from ten stone to nine stone in around a month and a half, and now maintaining that weight. But I have a couple of questions.

I have asked for the Wii Fit Plus for Christmas - what is different about it? Does it have everything the original Wii Fit has, plus more, or is it completely different? I only ask as I am buying the Wii Fit Balance Board and Wii Fit Plus for my dad and stepmum for Christmas, but I don't know whether or not to get the original or not as well.

Also, does it carry over your weight loss history and everything?

And have they improved the graphics?

Oct. 28th, 2009

Sunshine SparkPeople


Rhythm Parade

The band ends up at 9 total Mii's. Me and 8 others. Coincidentally, this is the exact number of Mii's we've made. I was wondering, if there are more Mii's does the band get bigger or does it max out at 9. Cause if it gets bigger, I'm on a Mii making quest tonight :D

Oct. 27th, 2009



Personal Milestone

Okay. We got a Wii and WiiFit Plus just over a week ago. I've been keeping up, and I've only missed one day so far. Hubby, on the other hand, doesn't really do much on it. He prefers WiiSports.

But today, I hit a personal milestone. For the first time since starting, I managed to meet my daily calorie goal. I also got my hubby to work out on it for 30 minutes. I found the trick is to say, "I just want to see how you do on (insert name of game here)." Then he gets a little competitive after the first attempt. He did Rhythm Step three times (getting the hang of it), Hula Hoop twice, cycling, and a few others that I "just wanted to see how he'd do." :-D

What I don't like, is how it keeps asking me if I notice any changes in his physique or posture, but it never asks him if he's noticed changes in mine, and I'm the one working out every day! And yeah, I don't like the limited reasons for weight gain. PMS and "daily fluctuation" are big factors in my weight. If I go down half a pound, then back up half a pound, it shouldn't lecture. :-P So, I'm not weighing every day, especially since I found where you can do the body test challenges by themselves (yet another thing that reminds me of Brain Age DS).

Oct. 18th, 2009



Sensor or Balance Issue?

So, today I finally did Skateboard Arena in Wii Fit Plus, and I noticed that it wasn't reacting to my leaning, so I kept slowing down and sometimes stopping. (Speaking of which, can you only kick off to restart if you've completely stopped? I took my foot off a few times thinking that might help me speed up, and it did nothing.)

When doing other games that require you to lean, I feel like I'm greatly exaggerating how far I have to lean in order to get it to move the way I want it to, particularly when trying to move forward.

I did a body test today (I was a few days past my goal deadline, so I wanted to check up on that), and it told me that my center of balance is almost perfectly between my left and right legs. However, it also told me that it was lower than the center of the board. Would that be impacting how much I have to lean to get a reaction from it or are the sensors in the board bad? Also, I finally noticed that my balance board and scale are off (balance board said little more than 152, scale said 153 on the dot).

If it's the sensors, I'm going to be really mad because 1) I haven't even had the board for a year (about 250 days), and 2) I'm not spending $99.99 to buy another board and game.

Oct. 12th, 2009

Sunshine SparkPeople


Question for those of you with EA Active

Could the strap for the nunchuk hold a Wiimote instead?

I want to use my treadmill for running with Wii Fit but my shorts don't have pockets and just putting in my waist band is too loose. I don't own EA Active, I would just buy the extra strap if it would work.

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